Hi I’m Alive Also, Here’s a Makeup Giveaway!

Hi everyone! Yes, I’m alive. Life has just been so crazy the past year, which I’m sure many of you have gathered from my Instagram stories.

Anywho, I’m clearing out stuff I’ve been saving for giveaways for at least a year so expect a new giveaway every couple of weeks. First off is theBalm.

TheBalm Makeup Giveaway

Good luck everyone!

I Did Something I Never Thought I’d Do…

So this week, I did something I never thought I’d do… It was fairly impulsive but I have no regrets! I’ll share with you guys really soon!


On another note, I’m pretty excited that theBalm will be back on Hautelook today, Friday, September 25. Here’s the preview they sent out: IMG_9541

They usually have their Manizers (Mary-Lou is my fav) but I’m so thrilled to see some new items, including the Nude Dude Palette that I’ve been wanting and patiently waiting for it. It’s considered Volume 2 to the original Nude’tude Palette.

Here’s the video I did on that palette a while back:

Aside from what’s pictured, they usually always have their Put A Lid On It eyelid primer, which is my daily primer, as well as lippies, their Schwing eyeliner and of course, more palettes.

What’s on your wishlist for today’s event?

AVAILABLE NOW | theBalm’s Newest Palettes | Holiday 2015

theBalm has been one of my favorite brands for years. Their products are affordable and high quality while still catering to our love for cute packaging and themes. They aren’t constantly releasing new items, so when they do, I definitely take notice.

Enter their Holiday 2015 items.

They’ve added three new palettes to the mix: Balm Voyage Vol. 2, In theBalm of Your Hands® Greatest Hits Vol. 1 and theManizer Sisters.bv2-productshot-large

Balm Voyage Vol. 2, Face Palette, $39.50, Available now on theBalm’s Website.

Welcome aboard with this travel-friendly face palette from theBalm Cosmetics! This multi-tasking travel companion features nine exclusive triple-milled eyeshadows which can be used wet or dry, two blushes, a bronzer, a highlighter, and two versatile lip-and-cheek creams stowed away in its sleek lower compartment. Set your sails towards sexy with Balm Voyage 2.

Here’s a look at Balm Voyage Vo1. 1 for comparison:

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the first Balm Voyage palette because it has a lot to offer. It also doesn’t hurt that I picked it up for half price on Hautelook. Notable differences are that Vol. 2 has less eye shadows but now has powder cheek products (blush, bronzer and luminizer) in addition to lip/cheek stains. I’m thrilled about this. I’d rather have a true full face palette than over-sized eye shadow pans. I also love that they have taken into consideration that there are cream products and always have a separate flap covering them so your powders don’t contaminate them. Ah, it’s the little things!


In theBalm of Your Hand® Greatest Hits, Vol. 1, Holiday Face Palette, $39.50, Available now on theBalm’s website

This all-in-one face palette contains favorites from some of our best sellers, including 4 perfectly coordinated eyeshadows, 3 universal blushes, a matte bronzer, a champagne-hued highlighter, a classic red lip color, and a nude lip and cheek cream. Who says you can’t have it all? Here at theBalm, we believe you can — and it all fits “In theBalm of Your Hand”!

Honestly, this palette is such a hot mess to look at. It seriously makes me cringe. If you can get past that then this is a palette worth considering. You get to try some of their most popular cheek products in addition to some eyeshadows and a lip product. Even without the eyeshadows, this would be a great value. In comparison, Tarte’s annual holiday cheek palette runs for nearly $50 and has five blushes, already making this palette a better value. I just wish it was prettier to look at…


theManizer Sisters “The Luminizers” Palette, $28, Available now on theBalm’s website.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this trio of Manizers has been found guilty – of being gorgeous. Designed for girls on the run, this highlighting trio enables you to emphasize your finest features. This palette contains three triple-milled multi-tasking highlighter, shimmers and shadows. These champagne, rose, and golden-bronze shades are flattering on all skin tones and easy to use so you can take your glow on the go.

Last but not least, a luminizer palette that is so worthwhile that I’d recommend it over the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. It’s less than half the price and I’d take Mary-Lou Manizer over just about any highlight. If you don’t own any of these, but you’ve wanted to, then get this palette.

All three palettes are available for purchase on theBalm’s website but some can be found at Kohl’s as well. While I can’t guarantee they won’t sell out, it’s likely that they won’t and might be available in the distant future on Hautelook. Out of the three, I’d guess theManizer Sisters palette will be the most coveted at any point.

So what are your thoughts on these sets? Let me know.