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2016, The Year of Color Correcting | What is Color Correcting?

There’s no argument that 2015 was all about contouring. This year’s face trend is clearly color correcting since every brand seems to be getting in on it. What is color correcting? It’s the art of using certain colors to cancel out unwanted colors on the face. Put simply, it goes back to color-wheelelementary art school; the good ‘ol color wheel. At an early age we’re taught about complementary colors, colors that are directly across from each other on the wheel and therefore go well together. In the makeup world, we use these complementary colors to neutralize unwanted colors on the face. 

Redness: Red is directly across from green, so green tinted concealers will neutralize redness on the face (like that emerging blemish).

Dark under-eye circles: Dark under-eye circles are a blend of blues, violets and greens, which is why peach/salmon tinted concealers (basically a blend of red, orange and yellows) are best for canceling them out.

Dull, Yellow Undertone: Yellow is directly across from violet, which is why lavender concealers are used to give those with overly yellow undertone a beautiful glow.

Bruising, veins and lighter under-eye circles: Yellow concealers help combat a myriad of discolorations, which is why it’s one of the more commonly used shades. I’m sure you all remember the budding trend in 2015 of banana powder under the eyes. This was just a tease of what was coming our way in 2016.

While it’s a well-known practice among makeup artists, it’s not something that the everyday person was doing because it wasn’t accessible. The mainstream, household brands weren’t talking about it so the consumer wasn’t buying it. This year we’re seeing a shift. Various brands have begun releasing their line of color-correcting products, which I will highlight in the next two posts.

What are your thoughts on this trend? Should I do a video on it? Comment below.