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How to Get Long, Thick, Natural Lashes

Everyone wants long, thick lashes. The easiest way to achieve this is to go the false lashes route, but I think false lashes should be reserved for special occasions… Like beauty pageants. To achieve natural, thick lashes like the ones in the picture, you need the right products and you need to know the right...CONTINUE READING

FIRST IMPRESSIONS | Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

Urban Decay’s Vice2 Paletteā€¦ all I can really say is HOLY PIGMENT! This was my first Urban Decay palette and honestly, I never understood what the hype was about until I swatched it. Check out my first impression / swatches here: Overall, the plastic packaging looks somewhat tacky but it is definitely sturdy and could...CONTINUE READING

DIY | How to De-pot Makeup, Reduce Clutter!

Getting organized and clutter free is a constant focus of mine. As my makeup collection grew, I realized that I needed to reduce the space it took up. One of the ways I accomplished this was de-potting many of my eyeshadows, blushes and bronzers, to create my own palettes. So de-potting saved me this much...CONTINUE READING