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2016, The Year of Color Correcting | Color Correcting Palettes

Here are the newest color correcting palettes, from brands we know and love. Not sure how to use them? Check out this post first.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea™ Wipeout Color-Correcting Palette | $45.00 | Sephora-Exclusive | Shop (VIB Rouge and VIB Only)s1779016-main-hero-300“An all-in-one palette to correct discolorations, contour, and brighten up skin.
Balance, correct, and perfect your complexion as you wipe out skin discolorations with these powerful cream complexion correctors. This easy-to-use palette features numbered shades and includes a coordinating visual guide to make the professional technique of color-correction accessible to everyone. It features six color-correcting shades: Orange counteracts darkness; Green neutralizes redness; Warmth sculpts, contours, and defines; Peach 1 camouflages light to medium skintones; Peach 2 camouflages medium to deep skintones; and Yellow highlights and brightens. These universal shades work across skintones to offset the appearance of dark circles, redness, and acne, while contouring and highlighting, with a creamy texture that helps minimize the look of imperfections, including pores and fine lines.

This palette contains:
– 6 x 0.11 oz Cream complexion correctors in Orange, Warmth, Green, Peach 1, Peach 2, Yellow”

Stila Correct & Perfect Palette | $45 | Shop (VIB Rouge and VIB Only)s1776848-main-hero-300“An all-in-one color-correcting palette for neutralizing skintone imperfections.
Correct & Perfect Palette addresses every skintone imperfection and delivers professional-quality results, leaving your skin looking even, natural, and perfected. It features five sheer-to-medium, buildable color-correcting creams that let you achieve flexible coverage while neutralizing imperfections, including dark circles/spots, redness, and hyperpigmentation. The two finishing powders even out the skintone, brighten, and set the correcting creams. Infused with an advanced Arclay Youth Revival Bio-Available Mineral Complex™, it minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines while hydrating and providing oil control.

This palette contains:
– 2 x 0.123 oz Pressed Finishing Powder in Yellow, Lavender
– 0.070 oz Cream Corrector in Peach Cream
– 4 x 0.035 oz Cream Corrector in Pink Cream, Green Cream, Yellow Cream, Orange Cream
This palette features five Cream Correctors and two Pressed Finishing Powders to target your skintone concerns.

The five Cream Correctors:
Peach: neutralizes dark under-eye circles on fair/medium skintones.
Pink: Brightens eye area and masks fatigue.
Yellow: Neutralizes hyperpigmentation and dark spots.
Green: Counteracts redness (i.e. from rosacea, acne, broken capillaries, and sunburn).
Orange: Counteracts dark under-eye circles on darker skintones; also neutralizes veins.

The two Pressed Finishing Powders:
Yellow: Sets any correcting cream or can be used allover to even out skintone.
Lavender: Sets pink correcting cream or can be used allover to brighten sallow/yellow skin.”

SEPHORA+PANTONE UNIVERSE Correct + Conceal Palette | $49 | Sephora-Exclusive | Shop (VIB Rouge and VIB Only)s1771880-main-hero-300“A set of 15 creamy concealer shades created by the Sephora Pro team experts with Pantone’s color expertise. Each of these palettes is targeted toward a main areas of concern for color correcting: dark circles, redness, hyperpigmentation, dullness, and brightening. The shades also conceal for true color correction. Each palette is organized for three different skintones and includes a handy booklet with application instructions, tips, and tricks from the Sephora Pro team.

Each palette contains:
(Each sold separately)
Light/Medium Palette:
– 15 x 0.04 oz Color correcting concealers in Pale Dogwood, Laurel Green, Lavender Fog, Rose Dawn, Dusty Pink, Impala, Muted Clay, Amberlight, Apple Blossom, Pink Sand, Maple Sugar, Camel, Sandstorm, Macaroon, Indian Tan.
– How-to booklet by Sephora Pro team

Medium/Dark Palette;
– 15 x 0.04 oz Color correcting concealers in Impala, Cork, Brandied Melon, Mink, Picante, Goji Berry, Pecan Brown, Rawhide, Mocha Bisque, Lion, Mustang, Potting Soil, Burro, Thrush, Chicory Coffee
– How-to booklet by Sephora Pro team” 

What are your thoughts on these palettes? Comment below and stay tuned for the last post in this series.

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  • February 22, 2016 at 8:35 pm
    Mabel Medrano

    I really like Tarte as a brand so thats the one that calls to me hahaha but I see it doesnt have a lavender shade like the stila one. I honestly dont know how to use that shade but it´d be nice to have the option haha

  • February 23, 2016 at 11:22 pm
    Krista Butler

    I love the way Tarte does their circular palettes. I’m not sure I can get into color correcting besides my under eye dark circles. We shall see.
    My YouTube name is Krista Butler.

  • March 15, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    I think this color correcting Palette looks beautiful!! I hope they aren’t drying and look Cakey